baggallini all-day backpack & bryant rfid pouch

I have a confession to make, I’m a travel items geek. 

It’s true, travel gadgets, bags, and travel purses, any kind of travel must-haves rock my boat more than any bling ever could. And although I’m not what you’d call the shopper type, I’m always on the search for the best and new travel essentials for women, perusing online or brick and mortar stores.

And let’s be honest girls if you like to travel and go exploring, be it in your own city or worldwide, a good travel purse and/or daypack is crucial. 

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If you’ve been following my journeys around the globe, you know I travel with a carry-on only whenever possible and that I’m all about packing efficiency. Therefore, when it comes to travel essentials for women, practical travel bags and purses are really high on my must-haves list. 

As you can imagine, I was thrilled when I was offered two baggallini bags to test and review: The all-day backpack and the bryant rfid pouch. They seemed the perfect addition to my travel essentials and would gladly put them to the test during my day excursions while housesitting in New Zealand. 

Baggallini All-Day Backpack & the Bryant RFID Pouch Review | #travelessentialsforwomen #baggallinireview #baggallinibackpack #baggallinibags #baggallinicrossbody

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My all-day explorer and bryant rfid pouch were provided by baggallini for review purposes but rest assured that all opinions are as always entirely my own. 

Whilst on the North Island of New Zealand, my housesitting assignments offered me a perfect base to discover the Waikato’s hoards of activities from Lake Taupo to the Coromandel Peninsula, including some fabulous city escapades to Auckland, the city of sails.

For such urban excursions, my present carry-on luggage and travel pack wouldn’t do. I, therefore, hoped the all-day baggallini backpack and bryant rfidPouch would fill my list of requirements for my bag during city getaways: A hands-free stylish bag that would be compact enough for my petite frame, able to pack snacks, an extra layer, maps, and water bottle and have organizational features for all the extra stuff. 

Combined with the ever so practical bryan rfid crossover pouch as my phone and card carrier, I think I had a winning combo at hand to go exploring.

Let’s see how the bags did.

baggallini all-day backpack & bryant rfid pouch review | #travelessentialsforwomen #baggallinireview #baggallinibackpack #baggallinibags #baggallinicrossbody

About baggallini: Life is a journey

Baggallini was founded 20 years ago by two flight attendants who were searching for stylish travel companions – bags, purses including accessories – that would offer loads of organizational features in order to ease their busy on-the-go lifestyle.

Now a world-renowned brand in the travel bag industry, baggallini’s provides a line of products that are beautiful and keep you organized, helping you move from place to place with ease.

Baggallini believes that fashion and function should go hand-in-hand, check out their beautiful line of bags and you’ll agree they’ve succeeded.

see baggallini bags

Factor Index: Style: 9/10 | Practicality: 9.5/10 | Security: 7/10 | Weight: 10/10 | Value: 9/10

• Model color reviewed: Black
• 52” Adjustable backstraps
• Water repellent exterior fabric
• Easy to clean with a damp cloth
• RFID wristlet included with clip lanyard – can hold Smartphone, passport & credit cards
• Bright interior lining
• Interior pocket / Easy access phone pocket
• One (1) Inner zippered pocket
• One (1) Main frontal zippered pocket + loop for keychain
• Two (2) Side zippered pockets
• Two (2) Side pockets for water bottle/selfie stick or compact umbrella
• Sturdy loop handle for carrying
• Holds up straight
• External bilateral frontal sleeve for easy access
• Exterior dimensions: 11″ W x 15.25″ H x 4.75″ D
• Weight: 1.22 lbs.
• 1-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects

baggallini all-day backpack & bryant rfid pouch review | #travelessentialsforwomen #baggallinireview #baggallinibackpack #baggallinibags #baggallinicrossbody

The all-day backpack has a lightweight water-resistant fabric and is designed with style and practicality features in mind. It wears comfortably, has loads of pockets – interior and exterior making it a great organized bag for any day excursion. 

One of my favorite features by far is the big bilateral pocket, a cross-side sleeve that enables quick access without unzipping the main compartment. In my case, it was very useful for my constant need to put my scarf on and off when dealing with temperamental weather. Furthermore, I loved the sturdy top loop to carry it when not on my shoulders. 

It remains a mystery how baggallini has put together such a compact bag that can hold so many things. It seriously compares with bigger daypacks (27L) I have whilst remaining the perfect size for moving around. 

The rfid wristlet was an added bonus, I mostly appreciated having its lanyard clipped inside ensuring I wouldn’t forget it behind once taken out (yep I have done that occasionally).

Another aspect not to be overlooked is the bright interior of this daypack, making it much easier to scout through your stuffed valuables inside the cavity.

And while I used it a lot for my city getaways, it’s a great companion for quick day hikes with its side pockets accommodating a one-liter water canister.

baggallini all-day backpack & bryant rfid pouch review | #travelessentialsforwomen #baggallinireview #baggallinibackpack #baggallinibags #baggallinicrossbody

What’s in my baggallini all day backpack?

baggallini all-day backpack & bryant rfid pouch review | #travelessentialsforwomen #baggallinireview #baggallinibackpack #baggallinibags #baggallinicrossbody

1L water canteen, pen, notebook, maps, earphones, lip gloss/balm, keys, wristlet with business cards and cellphone, power pack, selfie stick, Ipad (not shown) pashmina, packed down jacket, reading glasses, sunglasses and snacks.

To find the perfect snack to pack along check out Instash

baggallini all-day backpack & bryant rfid pouch review | #travelessentialsforwomen #baggallinireview #baggallinibackpack #baggallinibags #baggallinicrossbody
  • Pros:
    • The compact size is perfect for petite frames
    • Inner pockets for quick access (glasses, power pack, pens)
    • Stands upright
    • Water-resistant material
    • The Loop handle easy to carry when not on shoulders
    • External Bilateral Frontal Pocket was convenient for scarf and maps
    • Smart looking
    • Roomy main compartment
    • The rfid wristlet can be clipped with lanyard
    • Available in 6 beautiful colors

  • Wishlist:
    The shoulder straps buckles are a little tick and depending on how the strap is adjusted, it can be somewhat uncomfortable if worn for long periods of time. Note that this could be due to my frame type.

  • Verdict:
    The baggallini all-day backpack has classic but modern lines, offering style and convenience, a winner add-on to any collection of travel essentials for women.


Factor Index: Style: 8/10  Practicality: 9.5/10 Security: 8/10 Weight: 10/10 Value: 9/10

Model color reviewed: Juniper
• 52” Adjustable crossbody sling strap
• Detachable strap can convert into a waist pack
• Lightweight
• Water repellent exterior fabric
• Easy to clean with a damp cloth
• Wristlet strap is removable
• Light-colored interior
• Easy access front & back exterior pockets
• RFID protection with 5 card slots
• Exterior dimensions: 5″ W x 7.25″ H x 0.75″ D
• Weight: 5.5 oz.
• 1-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects

Let me tell you how much I adore my baggallini bryant rdif pouch

As you might have noticed, I’m a simple gal when it comes to fashion, traveling full time with cabin luggage only does come with its drawbacks. And although this no-bells-and-whistles model might not turn heads for its flamboyant design or style, the bryant pouch sits high on my list of travel essentials.

First, it’s as light as a feather. Seriously, my shoulders are in heaven every time I use it, you’ll even forget you have it on. In addition, the bryant rfid protected interior cavity is perfect to carry credit cards and the top zipper makes them easily accessible. An ideal companion for an urban escapade.

Don’t let the small unit fool you, it carries more than you’d imagine. With a front and back pocket, either one ideal to stash your phone and a few items like transit cards or lip balm. You’ll always be ready to snap a pic with your phone quickly at your fingertips.

Baggallini All-Day Backpack & the Bryant RFID Pouch Review | #travelessentialsforwomen #baggallinireview #baggallinibackpack #baggallinibags #baggallinicrossbody
  • Pros:
    • The compact size is perfect for petite frames
    • Lightweight, you’ll forget you even have it on
    • Removable wristlet strap turns it into a cute evening bag
    • Available in 12 fantastic colors 

  • Wishlist:
    It would be interesting to integrate a separate interior pocket for money and coins since the size doesn’t allow easily for a wallet.

  • Verdict:
    I’ve fallen for the bryant rfid pouch, it’s now my daily go-to bag, I use it to run errands, to go explore, for my dog walking sessions, if I’m out the door, it’s coming with me.


So do these baggallini bags hit the mark when it comes to travel essentials for women? They clearly are great additions to any travel bag collection and serve great purposes for day excursions. I’m certainly thrilled with them. 

Do you have a baggallini bag?
Please share your experiences, comments or questions below…


baggallini all-day backpack & bryant rfid pouch review | #travelessentialsforwomen #baggallinireview #baggallinibackpack #baggallinibags #baggallinicrossbody
baggallini all-day backpack & bryant rfid pouch review | #travelessentialsforwomen #baggallinireview #baggallinibackpack #baggallinibags #baggallinicrossbody