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Real Life House Sitting Stories

From scary anecdotes to expectations meeting reality, the following true house sitting stories provide a glimpse of what a house sitters’ life is really about. 

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House Sitting Expectations

Interested in becoming a house sitter? Wondering what the in’s and out’s of the house sitting lifestyle is? Find out what house and pet sitters end up doing in all sorts of funny (and not so funny) situations and why they chose to become a house sitter.

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Why Become a House Sitter? 

I fell in love with the nomadic lifestyle during my 2013 sabbatical year and upon returning home, my priority was to find a way to keep traveling long term, at least during the harsh and cold Quebec winters.

To enable long term traveling, finding ways to cut down on accommodation costs, the biggest expense after transportation is essential. It’s while researching the different ways to save money on lodging that house sitting came to light.

Home sitting could enable me to travel rent-free while working remotely, a win-win. The concept revealed an option that promised to further stretch my travel dollars, the lure was set and hooked, I had found the ideal solution.

The house sitting formula is fairly straightforward; Homeowners provide access to their home, hence lodging and in return the house sitter cares for their pets and property, a free exchange of services, easy peasy right?

Sign me up I’m in!

But What Does a House Sitter Do?

In reality, a house and pet sitter ensures that the household is kept safe, clean and that the furry baby’s routine is maintained as much as possible. Staying in their own residence, avoiding kennels or cattery, creates a peaceful transition for pets while the owners are away. A house sitter aims to provide that stability, a valuable service in exchange for free accommodation.

In sum, it can be a variety of tasks like dog walking, ball throwing, cat cuddling, livestock feeding and upkeeping the owner’s property. A house sitter checklist changes with every assignment.

Despite the fact that most house sits go without a glitch sometimes misadventures or unexpected moments are part of it. These house sitting stories highlight some of the unusual benefits of housesitting in addition to the joyful or scary episodes it can entail.

Personally, with only a few incidents along the way, one involving a fire extinguisher and another car booster cables, I can vouch that house sitting jobs are overall enriching experiences and a fabulous way to travel rent free.

House Sitting Perks & Benefits 

You’ve figured by now that home sitting is a marvelous way to save on travel accommodations but the following stories also demonstrate other unexpected benefits.

House Sitting in Dreamy Destinations

Location: Norway, Scandinavia
Submitted by Anya Kay of The Road is Calling

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The first time I learned about house sitting opportunity, I was so skeptical. I simply couldn’t believe that there were people who were ready to invite someone they don’t know to live in their house while they are away. It sounded too fabulous and at the same time, it felt unreal.

Still, a desire to see magnificent destinations that I wasn’t able to visit on my own prevailed and after lots of procrastination I decided to register. Soon after registration, I was able to secure a one-month long housesit in a country that I always dreamt to see but never had enough resources to go to. This country was Norway

Somehow, in my head, I had a vision that housesitting entailed housework, extensive pet care and constant presence in the house. I believed that it was some type of job that I had to commit to in exchange for a free place. Oh, and how wrong I was. Housesitting is not a job, neither it is an exchange program.

Housesitting is a perfect opportunity which enables every one of us to follow the same routine which we do at home but in a new to us place.  

For me personally, housesitting is giving a perfect chance not only to go for a quick visit to prime destinations that are too expensive. It provides me with an opportunity to become a little bit a local myself in places that I wouldn’t visit on my own. And in most cases, spend the same amount of money as I usually spend on living in cheaper countries. 

All the housesits I had exceeded all my expectations and turned out to be way better than I anticipated. Since I am choosing only primes destinations, homes I stay in are always dream-like, hosts are always incredibly friendly and easy-going, and tasks are always easier than I expect them to be.

Can’t wait to start my next housesit soon! 

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House Sitting Close to Fabulous Sights

Location: Oxfordshire, Uk
Submitted by Yours Truly – Midlife Woman’s Quest for Travel 

House Sitting Stories | House Sitting Expectations | House Sitter Anecdotes | House Sitting Lifestyle | What does a House Sitter do | Become a House Sitter #HouseSittingStories #HouseSittingExpectations #HouseSitterAnecdotes #HouseSittingLifestyle #WhatdoesaHouseSitterdo #BecomeaHouseSitter

When Scotland and Ireland were put on the itinerary to celebrate my 50th birthday, I immediately searched for house sitting jobs in the UK with the intent of finding one that could offer a fun addition to the vacation plans and moreover a transition period entering Europe.

With so many house sitting jobs available in the United Kingdom on Trusted Housesitters, the choice was vast. It didn’t take long to narrow the selection, apply and land this particular one in the picturesque region of Oxfordshire. 

In addition to a magnificent residence set in the quaint and typical English village of Dry Sanford with two adorable Labradors, the home was surrounded by many gorgeous countrysides walks. But what particularly drew my attention to this home sit was its proximity to many fantastic sights of interests. 

Its location was ideal to visit the university town of Oxford and was a mere day trip to the famous Cotswolds and to the Highclere Castle aka Downton Abbey’s real-life mansion.  Besides getting free lodging in an outstanding home, this sit provided the opportunity to immerse me in the local culture and truly live like an Oxfordshire resident, with the added benefit of being close to attractions that were high on my list of must-sees. 

The memory of the day driving around the beautiful Cotswolds villages ending having high tea at the Castle makes this house sitting job top on the list of completed ones.

This was a fabulous way to start a memorable vacation.

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House Sitting Story: Saving on Rent with Dee

Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Submitted by Sarah Kennerley of Sarah Sees the World

House Sitting Stories | House Sitting Expectations | House Sitter Anecdotes | House Sitting Lifestyle | What does a House Sitter do | Become a House Sitter #HouseSittingStories #HouseSittingExpectations #HouseSitterAnecdotes #HouseSittingLifestyle #WhatdoesaHouseSitterdo #BecomeaHouseSitter

I live in Wellington, New Zealand and have been lucky enough to housesit in my own city as a way to save on rent and bills as well as list my own property on Airbnb in order to travel.

For almost a month this year, I was lucky enough to look after a beautiful house in Wadestown, a well-established suburb close to central Wellington.

The perks of this house sitting assignment included a 15-minute walk to work, substantial vegetable garden to raid, a soaking bath, central heating and Dee, an aging cat. The one catch was that Dee required a tablet every morning which I needed to ensure she took orally.

The first time I tried she knew it was coming and completely locked her jaw, refusing to open it. I soon figured a couple of tricks – including grabbing her shortly after she woke while she was still a bit dozy. Holding her like a baby so she was supported by the crook of my arm and body as I had her jaw in one hand and threw the tablet in her mouth with the other.

She was quick to forgive and for 10 days or so we were on a roll before she realized this was her life for the foreseeable future and began to really resent me.

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House Sitting Story: Making Friends Worldwide

Location: Worldwide
Submitted by Samantha Elizabeth of Miss Elizabeth

House Sitting Stories | House Sitting Expectations | House Sitter Anecdotes | House Sitting Lifestyle | What does a House Sitter do | Become a House Sitter #HouseSittingStories #HouseSittingExpectations #HouseSitterAnecdotes #HouseSittingLifestyle #WhatdoesaHouseSitterdo #BecomeaHouseSitter

I started house sitting to save money while traveling and to take a break from the hostel life. Having a space of my own with no bunk beds in a homey atmosphere was just what a needed after long stints in hostels.

The one thing I did not expect to get out of a house sit was to connect with locals in the area and to keep in touch well after the house sit was over.

Even though I never really spent that much time with the owners, through the house sit there would be regular emails or text messages, along with close friends and relatives stopping by to check-in. So over the house sit, I was able to get to know the homeowner a bit better.

Once the homeowner returned, they were so grateful to have had their house and pets cared for and probably felt a bit of relief that everything went smoothly. Upon their return home, we were able to chat a bit more on a deeper level because, by that point, we knew each other a bit better.

Although my journey in life had been quite different from theirs, they were so excited that I was traveling around their country that they offered me some local tips that truly made my travels so much more enjoyable.

With the unique bond and trust created during my house sits, I still keep in touch with most of the homeowners that I have house sat for.

It’s not what I expected from house sitting but it’s amazing to know that I now have a few more connections all over the world, with many open invitations to house sit again!

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House Sitting Abroad: Before the Big Move

Location: Paris, France
Submitted by Pola Henderson of Jetting Around

House Sitting Stories | House Sitting Expectations | House Sitter Anecdotes | House Sitting Lifestyle | What does a House Sitter do | Become a House Sitter #HouseSittingStories #HouseSittingExpectations #HouseSitterAnecdotes #HouseSittingLifestyle #WhatdoesaHouseSitterdo #BecomeaHouseSitter

Once you’ve decided to try expat life, where do you start? Why not consider house-sitting?

That’s what happened when I was moving to Paris from Chicago. While unexpected, it accelerated the transition. After splitting time between America and France, I was getting ready for a permanent move. However, I knew that finding an apartment without a French employer and guarantors would be difficult. I needed somewhere to start.

Then a house-sitting offer made all the difference.

Normally my Chicago friend was the one taking care of her Parisian friend’s apartment (and cats), but couldn’t do it that one time. She knew about my plans and connected me with her friend. Before I knew it, I had a one-way ticket to Paris.

I was a cat lady in Chicago, so taking care of two kitties didn’t seem like an issue. Except I’m not a morning person, something the cats were oblivious to. But if that’s the price for living rent-free in Paris, then be it.

Even if the initial transition felt strange – I was in someone else’s home, living off a suitcase for a month – it gave me time to get to know the city and its rental market.

All I cared about was that I was finally in Paris, actually living there. The rest would follow.

Three years later, I’m fully settled here. My current apartment is… one metro stop from the house-sitting pad. Without that experience, I may have overlooked this cool area.

I wonder how the cats are doing.

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House Sitting Abroad, In the Center of it All

Location: Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Submitted by Michele Legge of Legging It 

House Sitting Stories | House Sitting Expectations | House Sitter Anecdotes | House Sitting Lifestyle | What does a House Sitter do | Become a House Sitter #HouseSittingStories #HouseSittingExpectations #HouseSitterAnecdotes #HouseSittingLifestyle #WhatdoesaHouseSitterdo #BecomeaHouseSitter

While traveling long-term, we decided to housesit so we could spend longer periods in areas but also to have contact with pets and animals while we did. We were fortunate to have some amazing experiences housesitting although I think our first one will always have a special place in our memories.

We were invited to housesit in a little village in Luxembourg, for many this may not seem exciting, but for us Australians, we embraced it. Every morning we woke up and decided what country we would explore on that day and wandered off enjoying being so close to France, German, Belgium, The Netherlands and of course Luxembourg. The village was tiny with only 25 people living there and no-one spoke any English, this proved a challenge occasionally but we managed with our limited French to get by.

We were looking after Mum, Dad, brother and 5 two-week-old kittens who were just beautiful. We were told our main job was to socialize them, it was so much fun playing with them and watching them become independent and starting to explore the world.

By the time the owners came home, I would walk in, speak to them and the kittens would tumble out of their basket and follow me around the house, lining up for their food. I did worry though as they were 11 of them heading to European homes, reacting to an Australian accent and wondered how they would do.

We found housesitting such a rewarding experience.

Although we are settled back home, we are using sitters ourselves and I am always looking to see if we can find an interesting sit again somewhere.

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House Sitting Responsibilities & Expectations

In all honesty, occasionally housesitting assignments are a tad more than you might have bargained for. Sometimes you get misbehaving pets and chores are more difficult than expected. See what these house sitters had to deal with.

Long Term House Sitting: Farming Bliss

Location: New Zealand
Submitted by Samuel Smith of Traveling Sam

House Sitting Stories | House Sitting Expectations | House Sitter Anecdotes | House Sitting Lifestyle | What does a House Sitter do | Become a House Sitter #HouseSittingStories #HouseSittingExpectations #HouseSitterAnecdotes #HouseSittingLifestyle #WhatdoesaHouseSitterdo #BecomeaHouseSitter

When my wife and I decided to leave our careers behind and set out on a new life to travel the world, it was easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all. Sometimes you do have to keep your feet on the ground and think about scary things like finances… How will we afford long term travel?

Well to answer this, one of the many things we decided to do was to housesit.

For us, it was a fantastic option for two reasons. We were able to save money on accommodation, and secondly, we were able to immerse ourselves into each local community and see a completely different side of countries and new locations. Not to mention adorable pets!

Over the years we have been lucky to have done many housesits, some through online websites and others through word of mouth in local communities as we have established ourselves. These housesits have varied from a two-bedroom apartment in Hong Kong for two weeks right through to looking after a 900 Acre sheep and cattle farm in New Zealand’s amazing North Island for several months.

Our first house sit in New Zealand was looking after a 900 Acre working farm, so not only looking after a family’s home but their livelihood as well. It was a big responsibility, but such an amazing experience, both my wife and I have grown up in the countryside in the UK so had spent our fair share of time around farms and nature. 

But this experience was unreal, being able to take a quad bike around the farm (which included an extinct volcano) and look after all of the animals felt amazing. 

The most demanding thing that we had to do – which also doubled up as being the cutest – was to look after the orphaned lambs.

We had the farm during the first lambing season, and sometimes, as with all animals in nature, new mums don’t always look after their young. Which meant that we had to hand rear these orphaned lambs. 

But just seeing them jumping around in their waterproof coats was a sight to behold!

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House Sitting Reality: Puppy Training

Location: Atlanta, Georgia USA
Submitted by Vicky Sosa from Buddy The Traveling Monkey

House Sitting Stories | House Sitting Expectations | House Sitter Anecdotes | House Sitting Lifestyle | What does a House Sitter do | Become a House Sitter #HouseSittingStories #HouseSittingExpectations #HouseSitterAnecdotes #HouseSittingLifestyle #WhatdoesaHouseSitterdo #BecomeaHouseSitter

I’ve been house sitting for almost two years now. When I decided I wanted to become nomadic, house sitting gave me the opportunity to travel and live without paying for accommodations.

So far I’ve traveled all over the US and have even done an international house sit.

Each family I’ve house sat for has been amazing, and some have even asked me to come back and house sit for them again. That’s how I ended up back in Georgia. I’d taken care of a house and small elderly dog in Atlanta and the family asked me to return a few months later for another trip they were taking.

They had let me know ahead of time that they were planning on getting another dog by the time I’d get there again, which I was totally ok with. What I didn’t realize was just how young the dog would be and how recently they’d gotten him.

He was a good pup; full of energy and spunk! However, he wasn’t fully potty trained. This made me a bit nervous. I’d take him outside a lot but anytime I couldn’t find him, I’d call for him and find a surprise on the floor. I had to keep him by my side constantly, which got a bit exhausting. Meanwhile, the elderly dog I’d cared for the last time I was there just slept and paid us no attention.

Overall the second time around house sitting was more stressful, but I appreciated being asked to return. And actually, they’ve asked me to come back a third time! Forming relationships with the families I house sit for is so wonderful, and one of the many reasons I love house sitting. Sometimes a house sit can be stressful, but I think they are definitely worth it.

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House Sitting Scares & Frights

Now, we covered that house sitting has many enriching aspects and comes with many benefits, but let’s be realistic, it sometimes comes with uncomfortable situations, some downright scary. Here are a few examples.

House Sitting Scare: Watch out for the Crocs!

Location: Botswana, Africa
Submitted by Larch from The Silver Nomad

House Sitting Stories | House Sitting Expectations | House Sitter Anecdotes | House Sitting Lifestyle | What does a House Sitter do | Become a House Sitter #HouseSittingStories #HouseSittingExpectations #HouseSitterAnecdotes #HouseSittingLifestyle #WhatdoesaHouseSitterdo #BecomeaHouseSitter

My housesitting journey started when my father asked if I would like to look after his house in the South of France while he was away for 3 weeks. It was the middle of May, the sun was out and the pool beckoning, how could I say no?

This then led to friends asking if I would look after their houses and various pets while they went away, but in March 2015, with my partner, we completed our first proper housesit through Trusted Housesitters. We spent three weeks in Copenhagen looking after two house rabbits. They were adorable and had their own playpen complete with beds and a cardboard castle to chew on.

We pick and choose which sits we go on and tend to go for more unusual ones from cats in Haarlem near Amsterdam, an empty guest house in Wales to two months on an island off Honduras.

We look for places that we can integrate with the community and also combine our love of travel with helping other people go travelling too.

We do sometimes get some odd advice from homeowners. The most worrying advice we received was when we were in Maun in Botswana that we had to avoid the baboons and warthogs when out and to be careful when taking the dogs by the Thamalakane River at the bottom of the garden as crocodiles lurk in the shallows and hippos could come lumbering out to confront us! We are pleased to say that we didn’t see either and our three charges remained unscathed during our four-week stay.

Our next house sitting adventures take us to South Korea and Mumbai, hopefully, no crocs or hippos there!

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House Sitting Scare: Houdini Escapes Death by Louis

Location: Canal du Midi, France
Submitted by Karen & Myles Davies of Motoroaming

House Sitting Stories | House Sitting Expectations | House Sitter Anecdotes | House Sitting Lifestyle | What does a House Sitter do | Become a House Sitter #HouseSittingStories #HouseSittingExpectations #HouseSitterAnecdotes #HouseSittingLifestyle #WhatdoesaHouseSitterdo #BecomeaHouseSitter

Our life traveling around Europe in an RV is full of freedom and richness beyond measure. Although, when our income was slashed thanks to an absconding tenant, we had to reassess our options. Returning ‘home’ was not one of them. It was then that housesitting became a string to our bow and our nomadic lives evolved.

As Guest House owners in our past life, this felt a natural route as we understood the client’s needs for respect and care. So when we arrived at our first job alongside the Canal du Midi, France, we were in heaven. We were greeted by a Pyrenean mountain dog called Louis, who was like a small pony, and from that moment our love affair began.

Louis is a placid and handsome creature unless there is a bicycle, a trespasser or a chicken in his way. Can you imagine our horror, when gazing out of the window I saw one of the client’s chickens in Louis’ mouth?

Now, this was no ordinary chicken. This was Houdini – enacting a scene from the movie Chicken Run. With speed and stealth, we managed to catch Louis and now the extraction could begin! How do you remove said chicken from this humongous creature’s mouth we pondered? His intention was clear – and so was ours!

“Louis, drop the chicken,” I muttered with a masterful assertion. “Drop the chicken Louis,” in vain hope of comprehension! Alas, not today – this was breakfast! Houdini squeezed out a squawk to let us know our efforts were not fruitless.

A housesitter’s repertoire is varied and problem-solving is high on the list.

In a moment of brilliance, we recalled our time with our dog and hoped our dangerous strategy would work. With dexterity and courage, we gently placed our fingers on the back of Louis’ tongue, praying his vice-like jaws would open and release Houdini to enjoy another day! Hurrah it worked. Houdini was free, our fingers intact and Louis miffed that the pesky little chicken had slipped through his jaws, again. Oh, how we laughed when we recounted the story to our clients.

A day in the life of a housesitter!

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House Sitting Story: Broken Locks and Security Alert

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Submitted by Danni Lawson from Live in 10 Countries

House Sitting Stories | House Sitting Expectations | House Sitter Anecdotes | House Sitting Lifestyle | What does a House Sitter do | Become a House Sitter #HouseSittingStories #HouseSittingExpectations #HouseSitterAnecdotes #HouseSittingLifestyle #WhatdoesaHouseSitterdo #BecomeaHouseSitter

I love to supplement my travels with as many ways possible to cut costs – it works out to be able to travel longer and smarter. That’s how I came to house sit in Australia, in the smart Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy.

I figured that if I could cut out rent, without committing to too much time completing tasks, it would really help me build a life Down Under. Plus, I was aware that it’s one of the best options for people traveling Australia over 30 who feel a little disconnected from the usual hostel scene.

My job was to stay in the house, look after the garden and run through a good list of household chores every day. Things didn’t exactly go smoothly all the time!

On my first day, I texted the owners because their door was unlocked and they hadn’t left behind any keys. They replied to say the lock was broken and that was part of the reason for me being there – security.

I almost fell off my chair! I mean, I’m a 5 foot 3 ginger woman, not a wrestler, and I don’t know what I would have done if someone had broken in. I found a way of barricading the door in the meantime, but it felt a bit nuts.

Things got even weirder when I took a bath one night.

The bathroom was in the back of the house beside their garden on the ground floor. It wasn’t connected to the street, so no one should have been nearby – but that night I heard a voice and saw a torch outside the window.

I completely panicked and spent a lot of time hiding and pretending I wasn’t home, but the light was on in the bathroom so it was obvious I was there. They kept calling out but I couldn’t hear what they were saying!

In the end, I opened the door (totally terrified) and found out it was the local copper! They knew about the broken lock and were checking up on the place. It scared the pants off me at the time, but I was glad to have their support.

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House Sitting Story: Googling How to Get Blood out of a Carpet

Location: Durham, UK
Submitted by Sarah Carter – A Social Nomad

House Sitting Stories | House Sitting Expectations | House Sitter Anecdotes | House Sitting Lifestyle | What does a House Sitter do | Become a House Sitter #HouseSittingStories #HouseSittingExpectations #HouseSitterAnecdotes #HouseSittingLifestyle #WhatdoesaHouseSitterdo #BecomeaHouseSitter

After a long time back in the UK, because of a variety of family issues that needed resolving, we moved into house sitting in order to give our relatives a break from hosting us!  We’d been staying at my mother’s in Barnard Castle, Durham, so our first sits were focused in a specific geographic area, the north of England – and that made it much easier to apply and get accepted.

It was our first house sit. It didn’t bode well that the week before I fell over a rock and broke my wrist, so I turned up in plaster, with a sling and toting morphine. Luckily, the dog we were to be looking after was very kind and seemed to understand that everything was going to be a little slow!  Apart from when this normally docile animal decided to have a mad 5 minutes in the garden, leaped over the pond and ran into the house. Chasing her, I found what looked like mud on the cream carpet.   

As it happened the first thing that I had to use our host’s internet for was to Google “how to get blood out of a carpet”.

In her leap across the pond, Kelsa tore out a claw and headed across carpets and wooden floors dripping blood.

All’s well that ended well – we have multiple trips to the vet, fewer walks than anticipated, but a healthy dog to return to her owners at the end of the sit – but it was a baptism of fire in our first house sit!

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House Sitting Story: Unidentified Object in the Firepit

Location: Occitanie, France
Submitted by Nicky & Ian – Above Us Only Skies

House Sitting Stories | House Sitting Expectations | House Sitter Anecdotes | House Sitting Lifestyle | What does a House Sitter do | Become a House Sitter #HouseSittingStories #HouseSittingExpectations #HouseSitterAnecdotes #HouseSittingLifestyle #WhatdoesaHouseSitterdo #BecomeaHouseSitter

We arrived in the Occitanie region of South West France, renowned for its wines, medieval castles, and stunning villages. We were eager to explore, Autumn was on its way and the leaves in the surrounding forests were starting to change color. But with three large dogs to care for at this housesit, that would have to wait. 

The house was beautiful, an old rambling 18th-century manoir with an imposing red front door, along with personal artifacts and art adorning the walls. The place oozed history. 

Our hosts were a lovely couple. They spent time introducing us to the ‘family’ – three dogs, one cat – all with very different personalities. And each one with a claim on a particular sofa or chair in the lounge. 

Once the owners had left I set about laying a fire. After all, it’d be lovely to cozy up with the furbabies a little later and reassure them a little. Job done, I looked forward to opening a bottle of French wine and lighting the fire. 

Fast forward a few hours and that’s exactly what happened. Dog on each sofa, Ian and I squashed on another, cat territorially stretched over the back of the chair lording over all he surveyed, and a beauty of a fire roaring in the log burner. 

The room was dim, lit only by the firelight. There was a strange smell in the air, but I put it down to an unfamiliar house. All was well with the world. The next day arrived and I went to clean up the fire and noticed a plastic blob on top of the log burner.

Turns out I’d discovered the source of the strange smell from the night before.

Whatever object that had been sitting there was now a melted mass, resembling a jellyfish. I was horrified. What had it been? What if I’d inadvertently melted a priceless piece of art? 

Fast forward a week and the owners returned. They’d been attending their son’s wedding in the UK and I hadn’t wanted to ruin their time there so I’d kept quiet. But I was understandably worried. 

We welcomed the hosts back and they were overjoyed at their clean home and happy pets. As we sat down to a home-cooked meal we’d prepared to celebrate their return, I broke the news and handed over the blob! My apologies were met with howls of laughter. 

‘Don’t worry’, they said, ‘these things happen’. 

I explained I’d have happily replaced it if I could have identified it, but that I had no idea what it originally was. Apparently, it was a plastic head massager of all things!

The next morning dawned and we rose bright and early to continue our journey south to our next housesit. The hosts kindly prepared breakfast and we were saying our goodbyes when the man of the house announced he had something to show us. 

There hanging on a wall was the blob.

‘We’ve named it Nicky’s objet d’art – thank you, we’ll never forget you’ 😂

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This wraps it up, 13 real house sitting stories showing how enriching – and sometimes demanding – this way of traveling can be.

Want to join in and become a house sitter? 

Here’s a short video answering frequent questions about this ever-growing popular concept.

Have you house sat before? Do you have additional items to add to this list?
Please share your experiences, comments or questions below…


House Sitting Stories | House Sitting Expectations | House Sitter Anecdotes | House Sitting Lifestyle | What does a House Sitter do | Become a House Sitter #HouseSittingStories #HouseSittingExpectations #HouseSitterAnecdotes #HouseSittingLifestyle #WhatdoesaHouseSitterdo #BecomeaHouseSitter
House Sitting Stories | House Sitting Expectations | House Sitter Anecdotes | House Sitting Lifestyle | What does a House Sitter do | Become a House Sitter #HouseSittingStories #HouseSittingExpectations #HouseSitterAnecdotes #HouseSittingLifestyle #WhatdoesaHouseSitterdo #BecomeaHouseSitter