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  • If you‚Äôre thinking about going on a road trip, camping, or renting an RV for a special event, RVshare makes the whole process simple and fun! Book your RV rental online with confidence through the secure RVshare payment system. With owner and renter verification, we ensure that your rental experience is as safe as possible.

Best Apps & Tech Tools 

  • The all-time winner has got to be my MacBook Air laptop. Customized, with every available upgrade option, it’s my absolute lifeline for my digital life. Light and yet very powerful, I’ve had countless hours with them on our laps in airports, hotels and everywhere in between. I couldn’t live without it! PS: It’s also the only MacBook that fit in a standard hotel safe!

  • Need to share some heavy files, photos and documents? Our favorite way to do so is¬†WeTransfer. Free, fast and easy to use for even the most digitally challenged people!

  • Being digital nomad often on the road and keeping my data secured is challenging at the least. The vault system from LastPass¬†provides peace-of-mind. You only need to remember one MASTER password and the rest of your passwords are protected but can auto-filled when needed, as long as you’ve logged on to LastPass.¬†

    Another essential tool is a VPN to prevent any potential hacking, I personally use Express VPN and love the added security it provides me while I use public WIFI.

  • On the security front our Pacsafe Venture 25L G11¬†get gold stars. We each have one and use it as our carry-on for our electronics and toiletries. It has many multiple anti-theft features, such as the¬†hidden eXomesh Slashguard stainless steel wire mesh embedded into its fabric to helps protect against slash & run theft. It also offers a padded pocket for your computer and devices, we couldn’t imagine traveling without them.

  • Great WIFI Phone APP that saves us mucho dinero… It’s called¬†FONGO¬†and it’s available when you‚Äôve got WiFi. Call anywhere in over 30 Canadian free-calling areas. Call from ANYWHERE in the world for free! Call your family in Montreal from a resort in Mexico! The best feature of this APP is to be able to receive call to a Canadian local number with a voice mail service.

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Our Top Overland & Camping Equipment

  • Our Star product, the amazing ARB Freezer Fridge !! The¬†best purchase we made for¬†our overlanding trip across South and Central America. Because, nothing beats a cold one at the end of the day.

  • The¬†ARB Simpson III¬†Sand Rooftop Tent¬†was truly a great investment. Well made, super comfy and kept us very dry during the craziest of storms. No regrets here! Check out our set-up video here.

  • The¬†ARB Car Awning¬†provided us with shade and rain cover. It’s big enough to accommodate a small table and 2 folding chairs¬†under it comfortably. Easy to put up or¬†down¬†and¬†sturdy in the rain & wind. Another great ARB product.

  • We purchased this¬†ARB Simpson III Tent Annex¬†to use as a privacy¬†room in public campgrounds. Might look intimidating at first but it’s a breeze to put up. Actually Zip in – Zip out in minutes! Packs into a small duffel.

  • The Klean Kanteen 16-Ounce¬†was a real saviour¬†to keep our water cold,¬†seriously for hours,¬†while crossing Central America. Fill up from a chilled¬†plastic bottle kept in the ARB Freezer Fridge, et voil√†…Agua Fria!

  • A¬†Packing Cube Set¬†is a great tool to keep luggage organized. Simply categorize items together such as¬†tops, bottoms, undies, and find your stuff in a jiffy.

  • According to Phil, ¬†the¬†ARB Folding Chair¬†is the closest thing to having a sofa on the road. Sit, relax, enjoy!

  • Hot weather, harsh sun, bald head! Think Tilley Endurables for all your HAT needs!

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Smart Security Products & Features in Redbird our JK Wrangler

  • Tuffy Security systems safes:¬†glovebox safe¬†for passports and daily needs of cash, iPhone and ATM bank cards. The¬†Tail gate safe¬†was used for camera zoom¬†and¬†extra cash.
  • Standard “hotel type” Sentry¬†Laptop Safe¬†bolted to the floor (behind the¬†passenger seat) for laptops, iPad and cameras. We don‚Äôt travel light when it comes to electronics.

  • Spanish Sticker one every door window stating the car was GPS protected (PDF file for review + Illustrator file if you want to print some)
  • A kill switch was installed on the fuel pomp- switch hidden behind the Tuffy¬†glove box, which is a police grade safe. We enable it EVERY time the jeep was turned off.
  • 30 Locked¬†Log nuts, 5 on every wheel, with the¬†same ratchet tool for all of them – to ensure our¬†nice wheels were¬†protected ūüôā
  • Reflecting Sun Visor for front Windshield kept lurkers at bay.
  • Extra dark tinted windows (except the front windows to keep it legal in Canada)
  • SPOT system¬†to keep¬†our family aware of our whereabouts all the¬†time. Worked 90% of the time… SPOT Gen3 Satellite GPS Messenger¬†by Spot. A better version might be available now.

  • Frontiersman Bear Spray¬†Maximum Strength – 7.9 oz (30-Foot Range) or 9.2 oz (Industry Maximum 35-Foot Range) by Sabre¬†was always kept in the centre console just in case, we never had to use it.

  • Bear Grylls Ultimate Serated Knife¬†by Gerber. We always slept with a hunting knife and whistle in our rooftop tent, plus we had the Jeep keys with us to enable the alarm system need be.

  • 125 decibels Sirens (1 under the hood- 1 inside the spare tire) We used those A LOT. They worked great to get attention when trying to get out of traffic jams or backing up of ‚Äė‚Äôone-way‚Äô‚Äô roads.

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